Using Technology To Better Engage Teams

November 9, 2020

Finding new and innovative ways to keep employees engaged and motivated can be challenging. And, with more and more people working from home, thanks to a particular pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to engage with your remote teams.

Of course, typical methods such as promoting wellness, social gatherings, and unlimited PTO can motivate employees; technology today can help keep your remote team connected and engaged. With constant advancements and so many tools and programs available, there are several ways technology can improve communication, and therefore encourage and foster engagement.  

virtual team training

Below we look at four ways in which technology can help companies keep their staff both engaged and motivated: 


  • Technology Offers Virtual Training Tools

Technology has allowed for a whole new world of virtual team training. Gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms and a single whiteboard. Nowadays, with the help of various online platforms, many companies are adopting blended learning. Blended learning involves a mix of eLearning, mobile learning, and face-to-face methods. When using features of breakout rooms, digital whiteboards, polling, etc. can increase engagement, boost overall morale, and encourage collaboration between employees. 

  • Technology Increases Sharing and Collaboration 

The use of intranet and in-house networking services allow employees all over the world to stay connected. An internal network helps employees across different departments work better together. It also lets them chat and connect on a more personal level. Intranet services also facilitate a variety of different ways to share files and collaborate on projects together. Cloud-based tools like Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox can help motivate employees to get things done by eliminating frustrations in the workplace, like spending too much time searching through a disorganized shared drive.

  • Technology Offers Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

Let’s face it; many employees experience a lack of recognition for all their hard work. Many wise companies have started to adopt Peer-to-Peer (P2P) recognition tools and programs to change this. With P2P, employees feel they are recognized for doing great work and are actively engaged with their fellow peers. It also helps create a better company culture and fosters a sense of connection and belonging too. By incorporating peer-to-peer recognition in your organization, you’ll build a workplace culture where employees feel engaged, connected, and part of a team. 

  • Technology Provides Real-Time Feedback

Performance reviews tend to happen once a year. Feedback should be given on an ongoing basis. Rather than waiting for a performance review to offer positive or constructive feedback, HR software can make giving and receiving real-time feedback a breeze. This kind of instant feedback can help improve engagement and motivation by continually guiding employees in the right direction. It can also give employees the opportunity to offer suggestions to management. And, valuing employee input is yet another motivational tool.        

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