It’s not complicated to create a culture of high performance.

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About the Book

If you’re like most people, you want to make a lasting and meaningful difference at work and in your personal life. But you’re daunted by the size of the challenges, afraid of the cost or commitment and, quite frankly, unsure of where to start.

This book provides a roadmap for igniting high performance in yourself–and others–and a leadership style that gets results.

After reading this book, you’ll feel differently about yourself, your role as a leader and the people you work with.

You can create a place where people love to come to work!

Thousands of leaders have already adopted this approach with incredible results.

It’s not complicated to develop a culture of high performance.

What can you expect:

  • A roadmap for leaders who want to do the right thing
  • 10 unconscious biases that hurt your effectiveness as a leader
  • A mindset for giving constructive feedback that’s guaranteed to work
  • 8 ways to create and sustain a high-trust organization
  • 3 invisible barriers that destroy employee engagement
  • Critical tools to accelerate employee performance
  • 5 ways to create your own high trust organization
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Get To Know the Authors

Sue Bingham and Bob Dusin know what it feels like to spend 40+ hours a week at a soul-murdering job. They’ve experienced first-hand how the command and control mindset creates zombie employees and robs the ambition and joy from leaders.

They know how to clear away the confusing clutter and guide leaders to create a workplace built on trust and empowerment. Their new book shows leaders a simple plan for creating a high performance work place.

After reading this book, you’ll feel differently about yourself, your leadership role and the people you work with.

This book is easy to read and relevant to today’s work scenarios. Most importantly, you’ll be inspired to take action!

Praise for Creating the High Performance Work Place

The authors turn traditional management on its stubborn head!

Dave Jackson
President & CEO, Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.

Mark Samuel
author of Creating the Accountable Organization and Making Yourself Indispensable

This book changes the toxic and unproductive game of traditional business.
At the core of the HPWP philosophy is a deep respect for all employees that creates a stimulating environment.

Joan Blades
author of The Custom-Fit Workplace

Luke Burmeister
Chief Financial Officer, Didion Milling, Inc. and Affiliates

This book provides the tools that will create and maintain a high-performing workplace--an absolute requirement for success.
Before promoting another employee into frontline leadership, READ THIS BOOK!

Ray Attiyah
author of Fearless Front Line and Run Improve Grow

Brigadier General Jeffrey W. Foley, US Army (Retired)
author of Rules and Tools for Leaders

Marvelous insights shared by the authors!
Sue Bingham and Bob Dusin have distilled years of workplace wisdom into one highly approachable volume.

Doug Kirkpatrick
author of Beyond Empowerment

Who Needs This Book?


Accomplish more with fewer resources, during times of explosive growth this book replaces the complex with the simple.


Align business operations with family values that sustain the business from one generation to the next.


Be a catalyst for organizational change that frees you from being the picnic-planner or policy-police.


Create the workplace of the future, a culture where millennials find purpose and opportunities for participation and collaboration.


Drive breakout performance within your team, communicate high expectations, innovate and excel!


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