“We believe

the secret to

high performance

is valuing people

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Founder's Story

In my eighth year working for a large aerospace contractor in Southern California, I had settled into a culture that was, well, barbaric.  The massive site sat on a hundred acres and employed over 8,000 people. The “Walk of Shame” was the moniker employees had coined for the weekly management tours that took place in the plant. Supervisors and employees were regularly lectured and demeaned in full display of tour participants.  And there were three classes of people:  senior managers with company cars who ate lunch in an executive dining room, middle managers and supervisors who did exactly as they were directed, and skilled employees who were most often treated as replaceable or even non-essential parts.
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Creating VALUE with HPWP

$1.2 million dollars in reduced operating costs by a milling company

$466,000 saved by creating a leaner warehouse team by a distribution company

50% reduction in absenteeism by a furniture manufacturer

$792,000 saved in hiring costs when a logistics company reduced turnover from 60% to 20%

$440,000 saved annually when a beverage company reduced safety occurrences from seventeen to six

It’s not complicated to create a culture of high performance at the workplace.

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