Learn to hire better people and retain them over time.

Reduce your cost of employee turnover by 50%.

Try our Cost of Employee Turnover Calculator below to estimate your annual turnover costs!


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Retain more employees by changing the way you recruit, hire, and engage them. 

Hiring the VERY BEST people is the most important thing any company can do. 96% of organizations say they have been impacted negatively by bad hires. Do you know how to:

  • Identify attributes that precisely describe your ideal candidate?
  • Promote your organization to attract top-performers?
  • Recruit candidates – even in a tight market?
  • Use the right technique for decision-making?
  • Recognize a great candidate vs. someone who just interviews well?

Some companies accept turnover as a cost of doing business. At HPWP, we are passionate about hiring practices and the difference they make in retention, engagement and increased performance. 

Our non-traditional approach helps you:

  • Attract more candidates in a high energy and compelling way
  • Raise standards and gain buy-in and commitment from the team
  • Develop engaging and effective hiring simulations

While this might still seem like a “cost of doing business”, many companies probably don’t realize the true costs of employee turnover and how quickly they can add up. Do you know how much time, energy, and money is spent at your organization due to turnover, and hiring new people? 


We created this Cost Of Employee Turnover Calculator for organizations to be able to easily see how much is spent on these usual tasks associated with hiring new employees. Simply fill out the fields below, and the calculator will create a running tally of costs for job posting advertisements, interviews, screenings, onboarding, training, etc. to show an estimated cost of employee turnover for your organization per year!  

How effective is your hiring team?

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