HPWP Master Class for
Executive Leadership™

From Vision to Action in 2.5 Days

A revolutionary experience for your senior leadership team to collaboratively prepare for a future that guarantees success.

  • Creating structure without bureaucracy
  • Operating in a substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex world.
  • Leveraging gig, remote and flexible workers
  • Changing workforce demographics
  • Adapting to a competitive and economic environment unlike anything that has come before
  • KPI’s, OKR’s, WIG’s - improving productivity however you measure it


of executives believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage.


believe they have the right culture.*

* Global Human Capital Trends 2016

The HPWP Master Class for Executive Leadership™ is an experiential learning event for your executive team. Your team will increase their ability to drive the highest expectations and coach employees to meet those expectations through improved leadership. During this experience, we build a customized strategy to engage your entire organization to achieve what matters most.

“It forces you to rethink your management philosophies and style, your business processes and policies, and even the way you service your customers.”

– Bonnie Schmidt
Chief Human Resources Officer, Nuvectra


“The Master Class helped our global leadership team form a common language leading to measurable business unit cooperation.”

– Kathleen Rowley
General Counsel & Chief Human Resources Officer, Research Now

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In Preparation For The Future, Does Your Leadership Team Have...

  • A common vision for tomorrow’s high performance culture – plus an operating system to execute that vision?
  • The tools to attract and retain the upcoming workforce?
  • A high quality leadership team at all levels to drive and sustain organizational success?
  • An uncomplicated plan for growth that guarantees a return on your investment?