Six Elements to Include in Leadership Development Programs

September 1, 2020

Developing a strong leadership team is one of the most beneficial investments a company can make. A strong leadership team can drive innovation, create and foster a positive working environment, and mentor and motivate younger employees within the workforce. And, on top of this, a strong leadership team can also elevate an organization’s growth, up profitability, and increase ROI. 

One of the first steps to creating an unstoppable leadership team begins with leadership development training. The right program will be able to identify and nurture the best leadership qualities of each manager and equip them with the right tools and resources to use these for the greater good of the business. Once the training has taken place they will also be able to provide a strong example for other up-and-coming leaders to follow.

So what should a successful leadership training program look like? Well, while different types of organizations will need to develop a program that best suits their unique business requirements and culture, there are a few basic elements that should be included within every successful program. 

Six Important Elements Every Leadership Program Should Have

Below, we unpack 6 important elements to think about when planning your next leadership development training:

  • Start Small

When an organization first embarks on a leadership program, it’s better to start small. This way the focus can be on a core group of individuals that are already in prominent leadership roles. With smaller groups (between 10 or 12) you will provide a more supportive environment that offers sufficient time and attention for each team member to develop their leadership skills. A smaller group also offers better support and enables more of a connection between the leaders, this way they can also learn from and lean on each other.

  • Choose Instructors with Years of Experience 

The best leadership development programs are those that are led by a strong principal leader. Not only should this central leader have years of experience but he or she will also need to inspire and guide the entire group. Naturally, this leader will need to be able to work well with others, demonstrate by example, and identify leadership gifts within each member of the program. Take your time to choose the right leader, as they will of course be crucial to the success of the program.

  • Include Multiple Learning Methods 

Every person has their own unique way of learning new concepts. This means that the group teaching methods cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to understand how each member of the program processes, digests, and shares new information. Therefore it is important to create a multi-media training program that speaks to every leadership learner. This can include experiential exercises, communications such as written materials, visual guides, and video tutorials. By creating a multi-dimensional program you will be able to keep every participant engaged and motivated to become better leaders.

  • Set Clear Goals 

Before beginning the leadership program, each participant should sit down with a mentor and chat about their short and long term goals that pertain to their leadership role within the company. Together they should come up with a way to achieve and measure each of these goals. And, once these goals have been agreed upon, a timeline should also be created in order to check in with each leader and measure their progress.

  • Teach Methods to Identify Future Leaders

A very important area that every leadership program needs to dedicate time to is how to identify future leaders in the company. The group leader and various materials will help the team to recognize key attributes, skills, and mindsets that make for strong leaders within their younger workforce. The sooner these next-generation leaders are identified, the sooner the organization can start to put the necessary steps in place to turn them into the future leaders of the company.

  • Continue to Support Your Leaders

Once the leadership program has been completed, it is vital to provide these leaders with support moving forward. The group should set up monthly meetings to talk about their experiences after they have immersed themselves back into the daily running of the business. How are they applying their new-found knowledge and skills? What are they struggling with? What are they excelling at? If your company’s leaders feel supported, recognized, and rewarded for their efforts this will encourage them to stay with the company and continue to steer it towards future success.

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