Inspiring Loyalty Through Doing The Right Thing

April 28, 2021

Everyone can agree on the importance of communication with customers during this past pandemic year.  We’d like to highlight a company we feel has been outstanding in their relationship with customers while losing millions in revenue.  To be transparent, we are long-time Delta loyalty flyers.  And there’s a reason we will continue to book with Delta in the face of preferable schedules, lower fares or direct flights on other airlines. 

Letters from Ed Bastian arrive about once a month, filled with specific information regarding actions being taken to not only keep customers safe, but also to maintain benefits and avoid cancellation fees.  The tone of these letters is direct, adult and feels very authentic. 

But it’s not just about the communication.  Delta supports its words with actions.  Middle seats remain unoccupied while other airlines tell passengers they can re-book if the flight is too crowded.  Investments have been made xxxx.   And Delta has added over 700 to its no fly list for refusing to wear a mask.  (Really?  Is that like a restaurant patron having a fit because the establishments require shirts and shoes?)

Delta will be successful and you know why?  Because doing the right thing is always the right thing.

Who are the companies, like Delta, who inspire your loyalty?