How To Prevent Your Top Employees From Quitting

March 8, 2021

When a valued, talented, and hard-working employee resigns, it can often leave behind a bit of a void within your organization. Unsurprisingly, studies show that the departure of a promising and well-respected team member can negatively impact their colleagues by lowering the team’s overall morale and productivity. Unfortunately, a resignation of this nature not only impacts the individual’s team but can also affect the entire company. 

So, how do companies prevent this from happening in the first place? And what’s the best way to retain valuable team members? In this post, we’ll take a look at several practices that you can put into place to retain your best employees.

5 Ways To Improve Employee Retention & Reduce Employee Turnover

  1. Engage and Connect with Staff Regularly

Team managers need to make an effort to connect with employees regularly. They need to check in on how their role is going and if they find it rewarding and fulfilling. Leaving these types of conversations for an annual review is too risky and conveys a message that it’s just not that important. Also, keep an eye out for signs of a disengaged employee (showing up late or leaving work early, poor communication, lack of participation, a decline in performance). If you notice these patterns, it’s not too late to sit down with them and talk it through. It’s your chance to engage them and come up with some realistic solutions.

  1. Always Show Appreciation and Value

No matter how big or small, appreciation should consistently happen throughout a person’s career at a company. Recognition for hard work, commitment, and a job well done will always help employees feel valued and reduce employee turnover. Plus, appreciation will help them stay motivated and committed to your company’s goals and purpose.. 

  1. Provide Support

Often employees quit because they don’t feel supported. This may be due to the fact that they are overloaded with work, not equipped with the right resources or tools. Sitting back and watching an overstressed employee is a sure way to a resignation letter. Team members may feel as though management or HR doesn’t care about their well-being or work-life-balance. Therefore, it’s essential to provide clarity about the job and get their feedback on a regular basis to make them feel more supported.

  1. Make Development a Priority

The majority of employees are looking to make advancements in their careers. On top of this, they also want to upskill themselves and increase their levels of expertise. Perhaps they want to learn a new skill or move into an entirely new department. As an employer, it’s crucial to provide the support structure, guidance, and motivation to encourage your employees to keep growing and help them reach their various short and long-term career goals. 

  1. Offer Great Benefits

Keeping employees engaged and satisfied should always be top of mind for HR teams and managers. Organizations can also boost employee retention and improve employee performance by offering competitive salaries and benefits. These factors help to improve employee performance and increase employee job satisfaction while helping to retain your team members. 

Keeping your employees motivated, passionate, and inspired is a full-time job. If you focus on employee retention as a core factor within your organization, it will help you keep your best staff for years to come. However, if they still decide to leave despite your best employee retention efforts, don’t hesitate to take action. You haven’t lost that great employee until they walk out the door. 

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