Employee Coaching & Engagement in a Virtual World

January 21, 2021

It’s no surprise that keeping employees engaged and satisfied with their work is critical. Engaged employees lead to higher team productivity, longer retention, and a high level of commitment to your company. But knowing how to best engage and train your team isn’t always clear.

One key element to help engage your team is to provide ongoing training and development. We believe that coaching is just as vital in the workplace as it is in sports. Training and enablement are vital in order to improve employee performance and develop the performance of entire teams. When managers and leaders coach employees instead of commanding them, they put employees in a position to succeed. An employee’s engagement is maximized by surrounding them with supporting talent and helping them develop new skills.

Virtual Team Training

2021 Employee Training & Engagement: How Technology Can Play a Role 

We’ve never been a fan of “old school” style lecture-based training and it’s just not good enough in today’s world. Thankfully, companies today can easily integrate existing technology to help employees better engage and experience the concepts of the training. At HPWP, we’ve spent nearly four decades creating and leading innovative and highly experiential learning, including virtual activities that instill confidence and competence.

Here are some of the main ways that companies can plan to use technology in 2021 to help enable, engage with, and train their employees:

Virtual Team Training

One sure way to keep your employees engaged and satisfied is to extend their education and training. Virtual training by it’s nature uses technology so perhaps we replace it with something like: “Virtual training was accelerated last year due to the pandemic and advancements in technology made it easy to stay engaged and connected in a virtual world.

If your team is based worldwide, virtual team training can easily and efficiently occur without being time-consuming, problematic or expensive. It’s a perfect way to keep a remote team engaged and connected. Virtual team training doesn’t have to be boring and rote.  At HPWP Group, we offer highly experiential training in a virtual environment.

Collaborative Virtual Communication

With the amount of team collaboration platforms and technology on offer, leaders can transform how teams communicate. They can keep track of projects, offer group and team chats, offer easy accessibility to online meetings and conferences. They are an excellent way to get your team on the same page. 

Work is easy to collaborate on with file-sharing options and user-friendly work environments. This offers a great online space that is key to communication with one another and making creative decisions. 

Working alongside employees to determine their needs and wants will help employers to create virtual training development that will improve employee performance. 

If you’re looking for help with leadership development, organizational development, or in-house training solutions, HPWP Group has you covered. We understand that all businesses are unique, so we customize our offerings to suit your needs. Give us a call at 877-774-HPWP and we’ll help you create a culture of high performance in the workplace.