Ditch Demeaning Practices


An Alternative to Progressive Discipline and Performance Improvement Plan’s (PIP’s)

For decades, workplaces have relied on a familiar disciplinary playbook: warnings, write-ups, and performance improvement plans (PIPs). This “punishment-based” approach may seem straightforward, but in today’s evolving corporate landscape, it’s proving increasingly ineffective. It’s time we acknowledge the flaws and explore a more positive, productive alternative.

Join us as we challenge the status quo of traditional discipline and performance improvement plans (PIPs).

We’ll delve into the reasons behind its negative impact and explore a different approach to coaching performance that’s faster, more effective and adult-to-adult.





What to Expect:

  • Manage difficult situations and coach performance with confidence.
  • Develop the reputation of managing in a fair and positive manner
  • Ensure employee commitment, not just compliance
  • Turn performance gaps around effectively
  • An alternative to progressive discipline and PIP’s

Who Should Attend?



HR Professionals

Coaching Schedule

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Eliminate the Fear of Litigation

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“Leaders become more human, more accountable using High Performance Coaching”
Becca Lindsey, Vice President of HR, Arteriors Home

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“I attended an entire day of High Performance Coaching and even participated in the exercises. I was very impressed with the innovative manner in which this program places personal accountability on the employees for not only meeting their employer’s expectations, but achieving their own goals.”
Jay Wallace, Board Certified Labor & Employment Law