Relentless Forward Motion

November 11, 2022

Relentless Forward Motion

So much is happening in our world (pandemic, great resignation, recession, inflation, and the list goes on).  Sometimes the feeling of uncertainty and constant change/challenge can be immobilizing.  While these challenges may subside, there will always be something else on the horizon so we need the right mindset.

Winston Churchill once said during the darkest days of WWII “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  We were reminded of this in a recent meeting with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman and Founder of the C-suite Network. Jeffrey reinforced this and provided 15 points for dealing with all the uncertainty with which we currently find ourselves.  Per Jeffrey, crises provide the opportunity to:

  • Analyze how we spend our time and money
  • Recognize our customers and clients are facing the same uncertainties – so how are we adding value?
  • Do something new – change it up
  • Avoid negative people – write them off

This is a subset of the list but at HPWP, we believe these and other actions are most effective within the context of Relentless Forward Motion.  Being relentless requires an unwavering focus on your intention to stay accountable and minimize time in the Victim Loop as described in Mark Samuel’s book.  That’s where things just happen to us and we ignore, deny, blame, rationalize, resist, and even hide. Forward means not looking back.  And motion means action.  Not just thinking about it, but aggressively spending time taking steps toward the goal.

Dramatic changes or crisis usually reveal new insights and growth opportunities. With a mindset of relentless forward motion, you can find opportunities in chaos, uncertainty, and constant change. Keep moving forward, don’t go back.