February 12, 2024


The Hr Director

In today’s volatile business landscape, layoffs have become an unfortunate reality. However, when handled poorly, they can do more harm than good, eroding a company’s culture and long-term prospects.

Are we in for a layoff-peppered corporate landscape in 2024? If economic forecasts and leader expectations hold, the answer is leaning toward yes. But before releasing employees, executives and hiring managers need to think long and hard about the decision. (more…)

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January 10, 2024

3 Key Metrics That Employee Engagement Surveys Miss

Harvard Business Review

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional engagement surveys. It’s not that they don’t offer some valuable insights. They do. The problem is that despite their ubiquity, they’re not moving the employee engagement needle much.


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December 20, 2023

3 Strategies to Fix Your Employee Engagement Problem

Human Resources Executive

Employee engagement gets plenty of talk in executive circles. Certainly, it’s an important topic. We want our people to feel passionate about their work. Yet, it’s become more of a check-the-box activity than anything else. Accordingly, only about one-third of team members report being highly engaged—at most organizations, anyway.

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December 6, 2023

How to Build a Socially Responsible Employer Brand (and How It Can Help You Tackle Attrition)


People of all ages and from all generations have become skeptical about companies’ corporate social responsibility efforts. Here’s how to fold social change into all the fibers of your corporation’s brand.

The world has changed. People have changed. Why shouldn’t businesses change, too?

Fact is, they should, and they should do it wholeheartedly — and soon. Employees and consumers alike expect more


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November 29, 2023

Challenging the Status Quo: The Path to Progress and Innovation

C-Suite Insights

Throughout history, human progress has been driven by individuals and groups who dared to question the status quo. From the suffragettes fighting for women’s right to vote to the civil rights movement advocating for racial equality, challenging the prevailing norms has been the catalyst for significant social, political, and technological advancements.

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November 17, 2023

The Trouble with Senior Executive Assumptions

C-Suite Insights

In our quest to steer away from the pervasive topic of Covid-19’s effects on people and work, we found ourselves again drawn into a discussion that raises a significant concern: How out of touch are some senior executives with the workforce they oversee?

It’s not uncommon to hear statements from wealthy executives that leave many of us, non-billionaires, scratching our heads. Consider the remarks made by Stephen Schwarzman, the billionaire CEO of the Blackstone Group,

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November 5, 2023

Unraveling The Gen Z Enigma In The Workplace


“We’re doomed.”

That seems to be the accepted sentiment among older adults as they look askance upon today’s young professionals. Yet intergenerational mistrust is hardly a new phenomenon. I can remember a day when I was viewed skeptically for no other reason than my youth––it wasn’t fair then, and it isn’t fair to Gen Z. (more…)

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October 9, 2023

Performance Management: Moving Away From the Success vs. Failure Approach

Training Industry

Some professionals believe that business should be an all-or-nothing, win-or-lose game — that only the strongest and most competitive companies should survive and prosper and that weaker or less-competitive businesses should fail. But is there a greater meaning to building a business?


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September 28, 2023

Turning the “lazy and entitled” into employee rock stars


In the months and years since Gen Z entered the workforce, I’ve heard a lot of talk and opinions about these new team members. Occasionally, people marvel at these bright, influential young people. More often, though, the conversation is negative –– portraying Gen Zers as lazy, entitled and difficult to please or manage.

These misconceptions are far from the truth and (more…)

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